Gepost door: Frank de Zanger | november 10, 2012

An improved edition of novella ‘A RING’ has been published

Romans/eBoeken/Luisterboeken van Frank de Zanger zijn te verkrijgen/bestellen bij de boekhandel en bij webwinkels. Meer informatie bij Uitgeverij Tournesol:

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An improved English edition of novel ‘A RING’ has been published at on November 10, 2012 (2nd edition).

Novel A RING  is a captivating and refreshing love story in the setting of majestic St. Petersburg  in Russia.

Experience St. Petersburg’s winter atmosphere. The setting of novella ‘A RING’ is partly in New York and in France, but mainly in St. Petersburg, the old majestic tsarist town with its palaces, canals and boulevards, with its proud inhabitants, but also its hidden poverty. Yara, a young Russian woman works in St. Petersburg as call girl to make ends meet. A foreign architect pops up in her life and makes it even more complicated than it already is. She receives a gift that turns her life upside down and gives it a completely different twist. A ring plays a major role in the novel – a ring as symbol for friendship, happiness, confidence, and personal initiative.

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